Dance in Schools

Dance provides another opportunity for our
students to move, to express themselves, and to build confidence. They love it; they especially love to perform for their parents and their peers!
— Lorri Day, Principal Suzanne M. Smith Elementary School


The ACHIEVE Dance Program is a non-competitive program introducing students with little or no dance experience to the art form in a fun and relaxed manner. The Dance Program is designed for grades 3-5 but can be adapted to younger or older age groups. Six local schools participate in the Dance Program which consists of a one hour long dance class, once a week. At the conclusion of each dance session, the dancers perform both for their peers and their families. Dance provides a positive experience allowing children to feel accomplished, confident and a chance to demonstrate their new found dance skills. Dance classes are taught by professional dance artists in the community who have been trained by the National Dance Institute of New York City.


Excerpts from a support letter that five teachers at The Brewer Community School wrote:

“It is through dance that our students are able to express themselves creatively, demonstrating knowledge that cannot be assessed in a classroom setting.  Not only are our students exercising and learning the health benefits of dance, they are exposed to different cultures through music and body movements.  Dancing emphasizes our school’s values of responsibility, trust, caring and respect, while strengthening the classroom community bond.   Teamwork, conflict management, and compromise are all skills that students are able to demonstrate during dance class. For many students, the dance program provides a unique experience, a new exposure to art, music, dance, culture, and creativity. We enthusiastically support this dance program and hope it will continue for years to come.”