Auditions and Casting

Alice Auditions

Saturday February 2

9:00 – 11:00: Dancers ages 10 - Adult*

*Dancers with pointe experience should bring pointe shoes. Auditions will be run in the form of a classical ballet class.

Please bring all Saturday conflicts that would interfere with rehearsals.  Rehearsals start February 9.

Performance Dates:

May 4 & 5 at the Brewer Performing Arts Center

May 11 at the Crosby Center in Belfast


Robinson Ballet will present “Alice” in May of 2019.  First performed in 2012, Artistic Director Stevie McGary’s adaptation is based on Lewis Carroll’s iconic characters and includes stories of both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  This fun and energetic contemporary ballet is entertaining for all ages and runs just under an hour.

Giselle Cast List 

Giselle:  Stevie McGary

Albrecht:  TBD

Hilarion: Samuel Brissette-Hatch

Berthe:  Maureen Robinson

Bathilde:  Marisa Marinelli

Duke: Keith Robinson

Squire:  Noah Speed

Peasant Pas De Trois:  Alicia Berube, Katherine Buetens, Isaiah Brissette-Hatch

Giselle’s Friends:  Kaitlynn Bossie, Ellie DeRosby, Soojin Kang, Lily Kollman, Rubie Kollman, Brooke McKay, India Moon, Cate Pope, Katie Smith, Hannah Wojdakowski

Peasants:  Maddie Blanchard, Elizabeth Bograd, Michaela Drew, Dellana Kessler, Haley Landry, Spring LaRose, Summer LaRose, Ali Nason, Brigid Salib, Megan Salib, Abigail Smith, Noah Speed, Sophia Ward

Royal Court:  Alison Bramham, Noelle Ott

Mrytha:  Velstara Vardamis

Wilis Soloist:  Noelle Ott, Katherine Buetens

Wilis:  Alicia Berube, Kaitlynn Bossie, Ellie Derosby, Soojin Kang, Dellana Kessler, Lily Kollman, Rubie Kollman, Brooke McKay, India Moon, Cate Pope, Katie Smith, Hannah Wojdakowski



Albrecht: Isaiah Brissette-Hatch

Peasant Pas De Trois:  Ellie DeRosby, Lily Kolman, Noah Speed

Giselle Friends:  Summer LaRose, Ali Nason

Mrytha: Noelle Ott

Wilis Soloist:  Rubie Kollman, Cate Pope

Wilis: Maddie Blanchard, Ali Nason


Rehearsals and Performance Information

Saturday January 19

9:00-9:30 – Company Barre – Optional for all dancers in Giselle

9:30-10:00 – Costume Fittings – All Peasants

10:00-11:00 – Peasant Pas De Trois Variation – Katherine, Alicia, Isaiah, Noah, Lily, Ellie

11:00 – 11:30 – Peasant Dance – Megan Salib, Sophia Ward, Michaela Drew, Abigail Smith, Haley Landry, Brigid Salib, Katherine Buetens, Alicia Berube, Ellie, Lily, Cate, Katie, Spring, Summer

11:30-12:00 –  Peasant Dance with Giselle’s Friends & Friends Dance - Maddie Blanchard, Elizabeth Bograd, Dellana Kessler, Spring LaRose, Summer LaRose, Ali Nason, Noah, Isaiah, Katherine, Alicia, Haley, Brigid Salib, Rubie, Kaitlynn, Ellie, Soojin, Lily, Brooke, India, Cate, Katie, Hannah

12:00-12:30 – Royal  Court – Marissa, Alison, Keith,

12:30 – 2:00 – Act 1 – All dancers, Peasants, Friends, Royals, Hilarion

2:00 – 4:00– All Wilis with Hilarion