Auditions and Casting

The Nutcracker Cast

Act I – Scene I                              Godfather Drosselmeyer’s Workshop

Godfather Drosselmeyer – Keith Robinson
Rat Helpers – Katherine Buetens, Michaela Drew, Talia Harvey, Katie Smith
Harlequin Dolls – Stephanie Sallmi and Velstara Vardamis
Soldier Dolls – Kaitlynn Bossie


Act I – Scene II                             Home of the Silberhaus Family

Herr Silberhaus – Nick Cormier
Frau Silberhaus – Josie Swoboda
Clara – Alicia Berube
Fritz – Noah Speed
Domestic Staff – Maddie Blanchard, Rubie Kollman, Hannah Wojdakowski

Party Guests – Anna MacDonald, Cate Pope, Grace Bradstreet, Gracie Baker, Emma Blanchard, Sophie Blanchard, Aiden Doughty, Ella Hamiliton, Camryn Harvey, Lily Kollman, Spring LaRose, Summer LaRose, Cole Lessard, Ava Marquis, Ali Nason, Gwen Rand, Brigid Salib, Megan Salib, Hope Simpson, Alice Simpson, Abigail Smith, Kathryn Smith, Sophia Ward, Tiana Wheelock, Sophie White

Godfather Drosselmeyer – Keith Robinson
Jester Doll – Isaiah Brissette-Hatch
Harlequin Dolls – Stephanie Salmi and Velstara Vardamis
Soldier Dolls – Ellie DeRosby, Talia Harvey, Spring LaRose, Summer LaRose, Brooke McKay, Ali Nason

The Nutcracker – Samuel Brissette-Hatch

The Rat King – Rubie Kollman
Rats – Grace Bradstreet, Michaela Drew, Ella Hamiliton, Hope Simpson, Noah Speed


Act I – Scene II                             A WINTER SCENE IN A PINE FOREST

Snow Queen – Velstara Vardamis
Snow Prince – Isaiah Brissette-Hatch

Snowflakes – Kaitlynn Bossie, Katherine Buetens, Lily Kollman, Rubie Kollman, Anna MacDonald, Cate Pope, Kathryn Smith, Hannah Wojdakowski
Snow Flurries – Dellana Kessler, Brooke McKay, India Moon, Ellie DeRosby/Ali Nason (split cast)
Understudies – Talia Harvey, Hope Simpson


Act II –                         Sugar Mountain


Sugar Plum Fairy – Stephanie Salmi (Tour Sugar Plum) 

Attendants – Ella Hamilton, Spring LaRose, Summer LaRose, Gwen Rand, Brigid Salib, Megan Salib, Abigail Smith, Tiana Wheelock, Sophia Ward, Ellie DeRosby/Ali Nason (split Cast)

Pages – Aiden Doughty, Cole Lessard

Angels – Emma Blanchard, Sophie Blanchard, Camryn Harvey, Ava Marquis, Alice Simpson, Sophia White

Reindeer Soloists (full tour) – Gracie Baker, Ellie DeRosby/Ali Nason (Split Cast)

Reindeer at Orono Show Only – Meghan Bowden, Reese Brown, Lili Burns, Paige Caron, Coralee Christiansen, Sophie Colella, Belle Cothrin, Alina Emery, Shavonne Lupion, Maeve Pelletier, Lexi Rolfe, Alexandra Sleight, Larkin Speed, Avalon Tate, McKenley Towle

Chocolate from Spain – Rubie Kollman, Anna MacDonald, Josie Swoboda
Understudy – Kathryn Smith

Coffee from Arabia – Velstara Vardamis, Nick Cormier; with Maddie Blanchard, Grace Bradstreet, Michaela Drew, Dellana Kessler
Pasha – TBD
Attendants – Aiden Doughty, Cole Lessard

Tea from China – Ellie DeRosby and India Moon with Gracie Baker, Talia Harvey, Summer LaRose, Ali Nason
Dragon – Ella Hamilton, Abigail Smith, Kathryn Smith, Sophia Ward

Trepak from Russia – Kaitlynn Bossie, Isaiah Brissette-Hatch, Samuel Brissette-Hatch, Hope Simpson, Josie Swoboda, Cate Pope/Hannah Wojdakowski (split cast)

The Reed Flutes – Katherine Buetens and Noah Speed
Lambs – Gwen Rand, Brigid Salib, Megan Salib
Wolf – TBD

Mother Ginger – TDB
Cotton Candies – Lily Kollman and Brooke McKay
Clowns and Candies – Emma Blanchard, Sophie Blanchard, Aiden Doughty, Ella Hamiliton, Camryn Harvey, Spring Larose, Cole Lessard, Ava Marquis, Alice Simpson, Abigail Smith, Sophia Ward, Tiana Wheelock, Sophie White



Dew Drop Fairy – Velstara Vardamis
Dew Drop Fairy at CCA – Split cast Velstara Vardamis and Stephanie Salmi
Escort – Nick Cormier
Corps de Ballet – Katherin Buetens, Rubie Kollman, Anna MacDonald, Cate Pope, Kathryn Smith, Hannah Wojdakowski/Kaitlynn Bossie (Split Cast)


Finale and Apotheosis – The Entire Company 


Rehearsals and Performance Information

The Nutcracker
Saturday November 10

9:30-9:45 – Jack ‘n’ the Box - Isaiah

9:45-10:15 – Snow Pas de Deux - Velstara, Isaiah

10:15-10:45 – Snow Scene - All Snowflakes, Flurries, Clara, Snow Queen, Snow Prince

10:45 – 11:15 – Waltz of the Flowers

11:15 – 11:30 – Spanish

11:30 – 11:45 – Harlequinn Dolls

11:45 – 12:15 – Beginning of Act II - Angels, Attendants, Pages, Clara, Nutcracker, Reindeer, Sugar Plum Fairy

12:30 – 6:00 – Dress Rehearsal - Full Cast, No Reindeer

We will do a run through of Act II then Act I without costumes followed by a full dress rehearsal (Act I then Act II). Be prepared to wear all costumes and to do all hairstyles; no makeup is needed.

*Reindeer only need to be at rehearsal from 11:45-12:15


University of Maine Machias: Saturday November 17 at 3PM and 7PM

 Caribou Performing Arts Center: Saturday November 24 at 3PM

The Criterion Theater in Bar Harbor: Sunday December 9 at 3PM

With The Bangor Symphony Orchestra and The Bangor Area Children’s Choir at the Collins Center for the Arts: Saturday December 15 at 2PM & 7PM and Sunday December 16 at 3PM